Julius Caesar: Hero or Villain?

rome.mrdonn.org/caesar.html - Basic information and good links to other places for more in-depth information

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www.unrv.com/forum/topic/3925-caesar-hero-or-villain/ Interesting thread

 The Roman Republic and the Roman Empire are split by one man, Julius Caesar. He is one of the most famous leaders in history. Julius Caesar was a very successful Roman general who conquered Gual (France). The masses (poor) loved Caesar and felt he was their champion as the Senators in Rome were view as too corrupt. Caesar crossed back into Italy with his army with the intention to take over Rome and get rid of the corrupt politicians. This sparked a civil war between Caesar and the Senate led by rival general Pompey. Caesar would be victorious and many people who stood against Caesar paid a high price. Caesar then led Rome with dictorial powers, however he did reconvene the Senate. A few years later Caesar was assassinated by Senators who wanted to turn Rome back into a Republic, but the action would lead to many more years of civil war and the Roman Empire led by an all powerful emperor would be the result. 

So is Julius Caesar a historical Hero or Villain?