Did Christianity Bring About the Fall of the Roman Empire?

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Edward Gibbon wrote one of the greatest studies of any topic when he put together his thousands of pages long, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. In amazing detail he went through the history of the Roman Empire from the end of the reign of Marcus Aureilus, which many consider as the height of the empire, to the fall of the remanents of the Empire in 1453 in Constantinople (today Istanbul). Gibbon details many reasons both internal and external for the fall of Roman Empire, but he singles out one for his sharpest opinions and biggest contributor for the fall of the Roman Empire and that is, Christianity. He claims that many of the early zealous Christian leaders of the Roman empire were blind to reason and sound governance due to their Christian beliefs. The Church destroyed and hid the great Ancient Greek and Roman works on science and philosophy. Many resources were squandered on getting rid of paganism, and destroying their monuments, along with creating grandious Christian monuments with little practical uses. 

Gibbon's views have been refuted and supported amongst historians. There is a definite divide over this topic.

So the question is... Was Christianity the main factor in the Fall of the Roman Empire?

Pictured Below: The Roman Emperor seeing a Cross in the sky before a battle. He converted to Christianity and completely changed the religion from one of being persecuted cult to the dominant religion of the Empire.