Trial of Socrates Overview Socrate's "Apology" (Defense of Himself) Some main points for the Guilty side

For the not Guilty side, just do a google search and plenty of material will show up or just use Socrate's "Apology"


Socrates, one of the greatest thinkers in the history of the human race. We know of Socrates through many of the great works of his apprentice, Plato. Socrates was a famous athenian for stirring up trouble and asking a lot of questions. He would engage the great sophists (type of philosophy), orators, politicians, and military leaders in debates, and use his method of questions to tear apart their assumptions about the world. He would annoy important and powerful people in Athenian society so much that they would put them on trial for treason. They found Socrates guilty of heresy of the state religion and corrupting the youth. He choose death over exiled and drank poison (painting below). 

The Question is... Was Socrates truly guilty?